Support Parent Mentoring

Sometimes families with children who have special needs or who have experienced the loss of a child can get the best support from others who have experienced a similar journey. Through our Support Parent Mentoring Program, families seeking support from other parents can receive just that. We connect families to a trained volunteer mentor to talk with that has walked a similar path. Our access to state and nationwide networks enables us to locate family matches for a variety of needs.

Family Connections Events

Our family connections events are designed to create a safe and supportive environment for families to connect with one another to ensure that no family has to walk alone. We provide the opportunity for all families who wish to participate the ability to join in family social events, parent groups, and sibling events at no cost to the family.


Through collaboration with community partners, educational workshops are provided to families within their community to support the unique needs of families who have children with special needs. Workshops cover a variety of topics and aim to empower and equip families with up-to-date information, skills and leadership opportunities.

Care Bags

Having a child in a treatment environment can be stressful on families. FSN-ENC provides family care bags to make the journey a little bit more comfortable. Care bags include notebooks and pens to keep track of valuable information; self-care items such as toothbrushes, chapstick, and combs; comfort items including socks, mints, snacks and crossword puzzles.

Aromotherapy Hearts

There are times when parents are not able to be physically present with their children during treatment or hospital stays. Aromatherapy hearts provide a way to stay connected through the sense of smell. FSN-ENC provides families with cloth hearts they can wear against their skin, absorbing the unique smell of the parents that can be placed with their children when they are not able to be present.

Information and Resources

We provide information and resources to families throughout our 18-county region. FSN-ENC participates in numerous community collaboration and resource committees in order to provide current information and resources to families.

Service System Navigation Support

We provide assistance navigating complex service systems to increase access to needed supports and services for children and their families.