Welcome to the Family Support Network of Eastern NC, Inc. Our goal is to provide parents who have a child with a disability, chronic illness or premature birth the educational resources and Parent Mentors (parents who have had a child in a similar situation) to help you on your journey.    

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Research continues to show that families who feel supported and surrounded by others are more resilient and cope better than those who feel isolated.

The staff members of Family Support Network of Eastern NC, Inc are parents. They traveled their own journeys and are waiting to hear from you.

All our services are free, and we aim to help find the appropriate resources for each individual family.  All referrals are handled with complete confidentiality.  Our family-driven support respects family cultures, values, and preferences.

Please call 252.917.4110 for further information or email director@fsnenc.org

Family Support Network of Eastern NC, Inc
PO Box 30040
Greenville NC 27833


An affiliate of the Family Support Network of North Carolina



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